Research and Development

CareerLabsVR was created as a partnership between the Employment and Education Centre and VR development firm, UP360. Together we partner with industry experts and tradespeople to create accurate and educational modules for Career Practitioners to share with the job seekers they serve. The career testing modules we create have the primary intention of supporting career exploration. We believe that the experience of testing a career is transformational to the career seeking experience.

Career modules are created by our team. We heavily research each career, meeting with industry and academic partners, visiting job sites. As the VR development team creates the product, we seek continuously seek feedback from these our industry and academic partners as well as career practitioners, job seekers, and employers.



Give job seekers a hands-on opportunity to explore in-demand careers with CareerLabsVR.


Harness the power of Virtual Reality to allow job seekers to see, hear and experience potential careers.


Put job seekers in the driver’s seat; educating and empowering them to prepare for their future without ever leaving the Career Practitioner’s office.

Training and Support

We you purchase a subscription to CareerLabsVR you also gain access to our implementation training and on-going support.

We set you up with online training videos to go over the product with you and to help you, the Career Practioner, get the most out of your investment. We’ll also provide you with a written implementation guide. After your implementation training, you’ll be all set to start guiding job seekers through virtual career exploration! We believe that you’ll be set up for success.

As long as you have a subscription with us you’ll have access to any new career modules we release, (4 new career models per year!) as well as updates to existing career modules.